Ornella - Slow flow yoga in English


Ornella teaches slow flow yoga in English at Ashoka

Ornella's yoga journey started over 20 years ago as a means to connect mind, body and spirit. Having lived between Europe and Australia from a young age, Ornella has always been attracted to different cultures, languages, histories, societies, beliefs and traditions. Ornella embraced yoga from the first class, finding the stillness of the mind in conjunction with the movement of the breath and body transformative. She has long since combined her committed yoga practice with regular 5 Rhythms Dance practice. After years in the corporate sector, in 2015 she completed her YTT under the tutelage of Nina Alfers (Australia) and Randall O’Leary (U.S.). She is experienced in teaching Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa yoga in English and Italian.

Ornella divides her time teaching and broadening her yoga knowledge between Australia, Europe and Asia and endeavours to apply the teachings of the ancient yogic texts to our everyday lives beyond the mat. She believes that yogic philosophies are as current in today's society as they were in the past.